Finding Motivation in Little Things During PhD Research

Finding Motivation in Little Things During PhD Research


A Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) is the highest degree level of achievement possible in one of many different academic fields. Many people who complete a doctoral program choose to go into research, teaching, or administration. It normally takes about three to four years to complete the doctoral degree although most people take longer if they are not full-time students. Many schools have a requirement that the degree must be completed within seven to eight years. Researchers conclude the fact that many doctoral students cannot finish up their research work due to lack of motivation.

There are several possible causes of lethargy that might creep into your learning experience, and some may appear to be beyond your control. Perhaps you've received some negative feedback from a tutor, or you just can't get your head around a complex topic. Motivation combined with smart work, patience and persistence is the key to success. Stay positive and determined on course toward your goal. Seek knowledge and solutions from positive and helpful people who are ready to share them. You will sustain the difficulties and grow to achieve success.

Motivation with enthusiasm and energy move us forward in life. When doctoral students need a boost of energy to help them pull through the tough phase of research work or thesis writing, small words of encouragement can be a saving grace. These small things can encourage students to stay focused on their long-term goals can improve their morale and general mood. While performing the Ph.D. research students often feel bogged down with seemingly mundane and routine activities and tasks. Constantly reading, writing papers, and studying for major exams can be a bit stressful. Social distractions such as friendships, romantic relationships and partying can also be huge distractions from achieving their dreams. A clear mind and clear goals are necessary to make it through the turbulent years of going through their research years.

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