How to manage your time with dissertation writing?

How to manage your time with dissertation writing?


Dissertation writing is given a time schedule for completion by the respective University or college. Typically it is one whole academic year but could vary depending upon the institution. Scholars always feel that it is long enough time and tend to push the starting date of dissertation writing further. This might prove disastrous for them in the end. Thus it becomes very important to plan your dissertation writing in order to meet the required deadline.

Calculate the number of hours you need for research and writing. With the amount of time you have at your disposal for dissertation which could be about 7 months, find out the duration that you can devote for your dissertation. This should be after you subtract time for all other activities like attending your course, eating, sleeping, spending time with family and friends etc.

After this you need to prepare a time schedule for all the steps you are going to undertake as part of dissertation writing. It would consists of literature survey, topic selection, proposal generation, conducting research and collecting data, writing of thesis, editing of thesis, final draft and final revised thesis. Assign time for each of the activities and track their progress. Make contingency plans too, in case you are far behind your set deadlines.

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