How to Write the Literature Review for Your Dissertation

How to Write the Literature Review for Your Dissertation


A literature review is not the same as a book review. In fact, it is the review of journal articles, books as well as other sources. As an academician, you would need to provide an analytical overview of the variegated works that you are going through in order to get your degree. Here is how to write the literature review for your dissertation.

Use the Introduction as a Guide

The first thing to do would be to use your introduction as well as your abstract as guides. This will help to eliminate some of the lower quality work and also some non-relevant work. If it gets you the feeling that something is wrong, then you must work harder to rectify it. Just because your research is in conflict with your hypothesis, do not make the mistake of rejecting it. You should move any research that is relevant to your dissertation to the shortlist folder.

Evaluate Your Literature Review

The next step would be to critically evaluate your entire research work and review it to see whether proper research has been done by you. Instead of referencing too many sources, try referencing only a few of them. Just because people think that a long bibliography is good does not mean that it will always be of high quality. You should use a literature review with a short bibliography.

Look for Arrangements

Do not be afraid to ask your research guide for help and for a few tips in case you find that there is a lot of poor research circulating around. They should know some good and reputable sources to look at. Your research guide will know exactly what your requirements are and would be ready to help you. This will give your literature review a fair advantage over that of the others.

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