Important things to consider in dissertation critique

Important things to consider in dissertation critique


Dissertation writing is a lengthy process. It requires months of labor and research to produce an informative and valuable adding dissertation. Often, due to schedule of colleges and institutes, students are unable to dedicate ample time to the dissertation work. In such circumstances, they can take help from a number of sources who will accomplish the dissertation in no time and produce a high quality dissertation. But, it is essential to evaluate the dissertation before submission, whether you are self writing it or you get assistance in completing it. You should keep the following things in mind when you assume the role of dissertation critique.

Evaluate the purpose of the dissertation
As a dissertation critique, you should evaluate the purpose of the dissertation. The readers of the dissertation should be able to understand clearly the main purpose of writing the thesis. The dissertation should be informative and useful to the readers.

Check the literature review
Literature review shows the depth of research that has been undertaken. The literature review of the dissertation should consist of all imprint theories and views on the topic and it should illustrate the positives and negatives of the theories and carry out the comparative analysis of them. Check for the correctness of all the information provided and details of the source should be provided in the bibliography.

Format of the dissertation
The format of the dissertation is important make a good impression on the evaluator. The dissertation must be formatted as per the institute’s guidelines. All the sections should be organized chronologically and the table of content should be updated accordingly. Check the font style and size, it should be uniformly maintained throughout the dissertation.

Grammatical correctness
The dissertation should be free from any error, including grammatical error. Do a thorough proofreading as a dissertation critique and eliminate any theoretical and grammatical error in the dissertation before the final submission.

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