Publishing a Thesis

Publishing a Thesis


There are many scholars who have successfully completed their thesis and are now interested in publishing it online. But the first question that they have is what the reliable sites that they can publish it on are. There are also quite a few students who are approached by publishing houses who come to know that they have written a thesis. Whether they are approached by someone or they are going to a company themselves, the first thing that the students need to do is to establish the reputation of the publishing house. It is essential that they only get their work published by companies who have a good reputation in the industry.

There are many students who believe that getting their work published online would look good on their curriculum vitae and they would be looked upon favourably by future recruiters. There are many recruiters who do not pay much attention to a published thesis because they believe that they have not been peer reviewed. But the recruiters that do value a published thesis would only attach importance to those works that have been published by reputed companies. That is why it is important that students only deal with an established company and not just any firm that offers to do it.

It is also essential that the student not be made to pay anything for getting the work published. There are some good firms that would publish the work for free. The student should approach only those firms that do not make him shell money out of his own pocket. One of the problems with approaching a publishing company is that they might not agree to publish the work without a little bit of rewriting. Now writing the thesis the first time itself involves a lot of hard work.

It probably took days and weeks and months to complete the project. Now if the student had to rewrite the entire report just for the sake of getting it published then the work that he has to put in would be doubled. Such kind of work is not worth it unless the student is committed to a career in academia. Many publishing houses offer royalties if the work gets sold. It is a good idea for the student to check if they will get any royalties on the sale of the work. Of course, the student would have to hand over the copyright of the thesis to the publishing company.

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