Techniques or methodology to adopt for dissertation research

Techniques or methodology to adopt for dissertation research


There are different techniques and methodology; to carry out your dissertation research. In our blog, we have listed few Types of research methodologies. Plz. take a look.

A) Qualitative, or Quantitative?

A qualitative method will most likely mean conducting interviews or center groups or observing behavior. You may question yourself, as if you are prepared to do this, and think about the paramount way of getting the answers; you want from people. Will you be able to stop people in the street? Will you carry out telephone interviews? Will you be able to send out survey forms and expect that people come back with them? Will you be a contributor, or non contributor viewer?

Whereas, a quantitative approach will signify, you will need significant datasets, as well as the insertion of tables and statistics in your concluding submission. This information could come from a number of sources - consider acknowledging them.

B) Inductive or Deductive?

Inductive research is often linked to qualitative interrogation. It is theory-generating. Whereas, Deductive research is often linked to datasets, surveys, or quantitative analysis. It is theory-testing.

C) Theoretical or Empirical?

A theoretical study has number of challenges, and you may need to compare theories in terms of their applicability. Whereas, an empirical study consist of close analysis of statistics, or some type of qualitative research. You can very-well write out a research design; Once you have decided upon your approach, i.e. how you are going to proceed with the project.

Apart from matching your research to your common sense of objective/subjective authenticity, you have to judge the research methods that you have studied. It is imperative to make sure that you be able to match your methods to the problem you are pursuing.

POINT TO NOTE:  You must be able to rationalize the appropriateness of your topic and question, whatever approach you settle upon.

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