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Top 5 PhD Universities in France

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Are you planning to do your PhD program from France? Well, then you will surely want to know about the best PhD universities in France. You have come to the right place. Read on to know about the top 5 PhD universities in France. École Normale Supérieure The best university in France is École Normale Supérieure, a highly known elite institution of the country and a vital part of the grandes écoles system. The university admits just students with high ranks, as compared to other public universities in France that are open for all. If you want to get admission in École Normale Supérieure, you need to excel in humanities, culture, arts, science and research. The admissions to this university are extremely select and the admission process comprises of oral and written exams. The PhD holders, who pass from this university secure best jobs in culture, academia and government. International students are always welcomed into postgraduate programs and often receive scholarships. École Polytechnique The history of École Polytechnique stretches back to that of École Normale Supérieure. The university holds similar prestige, but the focus is basically on technology and science. When talking about its strength, the university has lesser than 3,000 students. Even though the number of students each year is extremely low, still approximately 30 percent of the students are international. The university provides an interdisciplinary approach, offering a curriculum that amalgamates undergraduate teachings with graduate research, across varied specializations and topics. Paris-Sud University The university, and especially its Orsay Center, is widely known for its contributions to chemistry and physics research. The university is home to some of the most notable laboratories in France, research fields including particle physics, atomic physics, astrophysics and nuclear physics. Pierre and Marie Curie University This university was founded after the division of the University of Paris in the year 1970. It is the current medical and scientific complex in the country, boasting of approximately 30,000 full time students. The university boasts of eight main teaching hospitals and is widely known for excellence in mathematics. CentraleSupélec It is a French institute of research and higher education in engineering sciences. Founded in the year 2015, as a result of a strategic merger between two leading grandes écoles in France, Ecole Centrale Paris and Supélec, the university is rated in the top 5 PhD universities in France. Now when you know about the top 5 universities in France, you can make your decision about which one to choose to pursue your PhD...

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Techniques or methodology to adopt for dissertation research

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There are different techniques and methodology; to carry out your dissertation research. In our blog, we have listed few Types of research methodologies. Plz. take a look. A) Qualitative, or Quantitative? A qualitative method will most likely mean conducting interviews or center groups or observing behavior. You may question yourself, as if you are prepared to do this, and think about the paramount way of getting the answers; you want from people. Will you be able to stop people in the street? Will you carry out telephone interviews? Will you be able to send out survey forms and expect that people come back with them? Will you be a contributor, or non contributor viewer? Whereas, a quantitative approach will signify, you will need significant datasets, as well as the insertion of tables and statistics in your concluding submission. This information could come from a number of sources – consider acknowledging them. B) Inductive or Deductive? Inductive research is often linked to qualitative interrogation. It is theory-generating. Whereas, Deductive research is often linked to datasets, surveys, or quantitative analysis. It is theory-testing. C) Theoretical or Empirical? A theoretical study has number of challenges, and you may need to compare theories in terms of their applicability. Whereas, an empirical study consist of close analysis of statistics, or some type of qualitative research. You can very-well write out a research design; Once you have decided upon your approach, i.e. how you are going to proceed with the project. Apart from matching your research to your common sense of objective/subjective authenticity, you have to judge the research methods that you have studied. It is imperative to make sure that you be able to match your methods to the problem you are pursuing. POINT TO NOTE:, You MUST be able to rationalize the appropriateness of your topic and question, whatever approach you settle...

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A doctorate from a French university

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There are many students who wish to do their post-graduation or doctorate in a foreign country. This is because there are some countries that are renowned for the quality of their education and the standards of their educational institutes. Completing a post-graduation or obtaining a doctorate from one of the top universities adds great prestige to a resume. Then there is the added advantage of being exposed to a foreign culture and learning about a new country. Many students settle down in these countries and take a job there. One such country that attracts students from all over the world is France. This country has always been renowned for producing some of the finest thinkers and the brightest minds in the world. It also has some of the top ranked universities in the world. So what is it like doing a doctorate in one of the institutes? A PhD course in this country can take anywhere from three to four years. Those who undertake these programs are not really considered students. They are looked upon as researchers who are embarking on their careers. There is a vast network of doctoral schools and research laboratories that are responsible for training these researchers. The students are guided by a supervisor who will take them through all the nuances of the course and also act as a guide for their thesis projects. Those who study in this land are exposed to cultures from all over the world. They will see students from the neighbouring countries, but they will also be exposed to cultures from North Africa and Asia. Foreign students and local students are treated on par with each other, and no distinction is made between the two. French educational institutes tend to be highly specialised. So it is important to choose the college carefully before embarking on an exciting...

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How to manage your time with dissertation writing?

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Dissertation writing is given a time schedule for completion by the respective University or college. Typically it is one whole academic year but could vary depending upon the institution. Scholars always feel that it is long enough time and tend to push the starting date of dissertation writing further. This might prove disastrous for them in the end. Thus it becomes very important to plan your dissertation writing in order to meet the required deadline. Calculate the number of hours you need for research and writing. With the amount of time you have at your disposal for dissertation which could be about 7 months, find out the duration that you can devote for your dissertation. This should be after you subtract time for all other activities like attending your course, eating, sleeping, spending time with family and friends etc. After this you need to prepare a time schedule for all the steps you are going to undertake as part of dissertation writing. It would consists of literature survey, topic selection, proposal generation, conducting research and collecting data, writing of thesis, editing of thesis, final draft and final revised thesis. Assign time for each of the activities and track their progress. Make contingency plans too, in case you are far behind your set...

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