Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation proposal generation is the first step in the process of Dissertation writing. It may be not be assessed by your guide for grading. This depends on the University or College you are pursuing your studies in and the guidelines they follow. Nevertheless, writing a good dissertation proposal will make your research work easy.

About Dissertation proposal

A typical Dissertation proposal should serve the following objectives

  • It should describe your dissertation and mention what it is about.
  • The likely research areas you will be addressing.
  • The research methodology you are going to follow
  • The references you are going to look at
  • The final expectation from your dissertation

The dissertation should be submitted to your guide and feedback incorporated.

Dissertation proposal contents

Title – The Title should be short and give as much information as possible about your dissertation.

Objectives – The objective of your research needs to be spelt out. Starting from a broad perspective you can narrow down your objectives to indicate the actual work you will be taking up. There should be a minimum of 3 objectives listed.

Background references – This should list all the literature survey you will be undertaking along with the book names and references.

Method of research – This gives the methodology of research. It could be based on data collection and analysis or it could be just proving a point without any data.

Duration of the research – This gives the duration that would be needed to complete the research.

Bibliography – This gives the list of references referred to.

Thus a dissertation proposal gives in a nutshell the research area you are going to work on, how you are going about it and the final outcome of it. It is a means of communicating with others especially your guide and getting their approval. Then the guide is convinced that you are on the right track as far as your thesis work is considered.

Of course, university boards set high standards when they are examining a proposal. That is why many students take the help of professionals. They know that with the proper guidance, they will get a document that is sure to win the hearts of all the professors who read the material.