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When you have chosen a research topic, the next step is to determine research questions that you will take care of in order to focus on your research. However, your selected topic should not be too broad and too narrow. Otherwise, research questions will not be oriented to a certain issue. For example, The Education Status of Women in India is extremely broad topic. There would be hundreds of aspects to be considered to generate research questions. However, The Education Status of Women in Rural Areas will be a better topic. In this case you might develop the following research questions:

Current Education Status

What’s the current education status of women in rural areas?

Tackling Illiteracy

What can we do to reduce illiteracy rate among women?

Improvement Ways

What has been done to improve the education of rural women?

Most of the times PhD scholars face difficulties in developing research questions, and that might be due to ignorance about a chosen topic. Research board leaves no stone unturned to gauge your capability for the completion of a PhD project so you can’t leave any loophole. Well, we can help you decide research questions suitable for a chosen topic. We will also inform you the perfect route to cover all aspects. Our team will discuss strategies to analyse all aspects to form research questions with you. Even if we do it on your behalf, we will update you the progress of your project.

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