How to Know When You Should Use Qualitative and Quantitative Studies

How to Know When You Should Use Qualitative and Quantitative Studies


While writing a dissertation, you should justify and present the need to study the specific research problem and discuss the research approach that you have used to study the research problem in the dissertation proposal chapter. Outlining the research methodology in the proposal session ensures that the consistency is maintained while collecting and conducting data analysis. If you are one among the scholars who are struggling with the implementation of these key aspects, avail assistance from Dissertation Proposal Writing Service.

To help scholars craft a top-notch proposal, a survey was conducted among the organisations offering the best Dissertation Proposal Writing Service and an outline as to what needs to be included is listed.

  • Solid evidence supporting your research problem

  • Which research methodology is used and why it is used?

  • Existing gap between the researches


However, to successfully conduct a research, one must take immense care while selecting a research approach; a research method that is appropriate for the proposed research should be opted.  Among various types of research methods, the most popular techniques used for data collection and data processing are qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Know the difference between these terms

  • Qualitative Research - Qualitative research, a scientific method is used for observing and gathering non-numerical data. It provides a deep insight into a problem to produce new results. This research method revolves around people’s thinking, attitude and motivation. Qualitative research includes case studies, ethnography, ethnology, ethnomethodology and philosophical approaches. 

  • Quantitative Research - Quantitative research consists of the collection of numerical data in the form of tabulation and graphical representation. This kind of research approach involves surveys, interviews and questionnaires with close-ended questions to quantify behaviours, attitudes, opinions and thinking of people. 

Understand the difference by an example

Qualitative Research

Topic - Understanding participation in sport among children and adults

The indicators to perceive it is a qualitative study are:

As you can see the first and third point in the above screenshot, it is apparent that it is a qualitative study because it focused on exploring human behaviour and attitude toward sports. Further, it has stated that it used qualitative methods. 


Quantitative Research

Topic - Over-the-counter drugs and complementary medicines among Australians

The indicators to perceive it is quantitative study are:

As you can see the highlighted part of the above mentioned abstract, you will interpret that the study aims to provide the prevalence of self-medication.


When to use qualitative research?

Qualitative research is exploratory. It is used when you want to investigate the reasons behind thinking, ideology and outlook toward a particular research problem. In the first example, you explored the reasons why and why not some people participate in sports. You found that weight management, social interaction and enjoyment were significant reasons for being physically active, and high costs, poor access to facilities and unsafe environments were reasons for non-participating in sports. 



When to use quantitative research?

Quantitative research is used when you want to quantify the prevalence of a problem or an issue. It is conclusive. In the second example, the study provides numerical data of people using over-the-counter drugs. Below is the table that has been taken from the same research.


Ensure that you have selected the appropriate methodology before proceeding with the same. If you are doubtful about it try talking to your supervisor. Also, ensure that suitable details relevant to your methodology is incorporated in the proposal chapter. If necessary you can take help from the finest Dissertation Proposal Writing Service providers.


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