How to use EMBEDDED and TRANSFORMATIVE DESIGN like a pro in your dissertation- Learn in less than 9 minutes

Embedded design is a type of mixed methods research design that involves integrating quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis within the same study. In this design, one method is embedded within the other, with one method taking prio

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100% Original Dissertations

Original yet effective dissertations are not easy to create. As a research scholar it is quite important for you to opt for the finest support on completing your dissertation in a timely manner. Experienced dissertation writers are quite comfortable

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Timely Project Delivery

If you’re left with very little time for the completion of your dissertation, then it is high time that you opt for professional dissertation writing assistance offered by expert dissertation writers. Whether you are engaged in creating MBA dis

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Quick Tips on Dissertation Topic Selection

If you are confused about selecting the right topic for your dissertation, then follow these simple, quick tips to save your time. You should first think about a topic(s) that you are  motivated to handle and are passionate about. Then, consider

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