Learning from Experience: Lessons and Insights from PhD Researchers on Selecting a PhD Research Topic

Embarking on a PhD journey is an exhilarating yet challenging endeavour, and one of the crucial initial steps is selecting a research topic. The choice of a PhD research topic sets the foundation for the entire doctoral journey, shaping the direction

19 May 2023 0

How to use EMBEDDED and TRANSFORMATIVE DESIGN like a pro in your dissertation- Learn in less than 9 minutes

Embedded design is a type of mixed methods research design that involves integrating quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis within the same study. In this design, one method is embedded within the other, with one method taking prio

13 Mar 2023 0

How to Know When You Should Use Qualitative and Quantitative Studies

While writing a dissertation, you should justify and present the need to study the specific research problem and discuss the research approach that you have used to study the research problem in the dissertation proposal chapter. Outlining the resear

20 Dec 2021 0

Simplified: How to Analyse Qualitative Data

Qualitative data analysis is a process of examining non-numeric data in order to reveal themes and patterns of data to meet research objectives. The common examples of qualitative data include interviews, audios, videos and notes from observations of

27 Nov 2021 0